Sugar Plum Ball

Do parents have to have tickets as well?

Yes, everyone who comes must have a ticket! 

What all is there?

Makeup and Nail salons, Princess Carriage Rides, Princesses and Princesses, Villains, and FOOD! A whole night of fun for the entire family!

How much are the tickets?

 uTickets are $20 a person pl.

This includes, all pictures, food, makeup, nails, and more!s

Where Can I purchase tickets?

Tickets will be available in our shop! We will mail tickets as soon as possible!

Ticket TIme

Do I have to have a physical ticket to get in?

Yes, you MUST have a ticket in hand to enter the event.

Where do I go and what time does it start?

The Castle at Harmon Ranch will be hosting the Sugar Plum Ball at 6pm. Our address can be found on the home page!


Can Kids Dress Up?

Of course! We encourage all of our special guests to dress up! Like a princess, prince, or even villains! If you don't want to dress like a character, but still want to dress up, you can always rent dresses and tuxes from Sew What! in Clinton! If you need directions, call 501-679-1517.

Can Adults Dress Up?

YES! We want everyone to have a blast at the Ball, and if parents want to come in costume, then they can!

Will tickets be sold at the door?

That depends if there are tickets left in the Shop. We'll post when it gets closer to the Ball if there will be tickets at the door or not. 

I still have questions!

Then call 501-679-1517! Mrs. Lynda will answer any and all of your questions about the event.